What We Do

What We Do At SnitkerGroup

What We Do At SnitkerGroup

We offer user focused innovation and usability testing to leading firms and companies in Denmark as well as internationally.

Some of our most common research methods include both testing with users and expert evaluations. When developing personas for our clients we work with Dr. Lene Nielsen ’10 steps towards personas’.

Our recruitment service has been used by many of our clients, with more than 1500 participants last year.

We also have our facilities available to any external companies who would have the need for test labs, focus group rooms or more.

We provide concise insights about your users/customers trends and needs. Our information provides for you a tested and confident foundation for making strategic decisions, enhance product development improvements, and promote effective communications and marketing strategies.

We are members of the world’s leading usability alliance, namely UX Alliance. This allows us to service and extend our global reach while our headquarters are maintained in scenic Copenhagen, Denmark.

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