An expert evaluation puts things into perspective

Today is one of the most used websites in Denmark. contains data from all Danish train and bus companies as well as most ferries and delivers more than 10 million traveling plan posts each month, which makes it Denmark’s largest public Internet service. Besides on the website, Rejseplanen is also available as an iPhone and Java application and as a specially adapted version for mobile phones.

In relation to an update of the website, Rejseplanen A/S chose to involve SnitkerGroup to perform an expert evaluation of the affected areas. A prototype that roughly demonstrated the functionality had been set up in PowerPoint, and two usability specialists from SnitkerGroup went through it using conventional heuristics of good usability together with their experiences from hundreds of user tests.

The review and the evaluation provided Rejseplanen A/S with the opportunity to have another view on the prototype and the issues that the project had. The experts’ completely impartial attitudes and recommendations, which were not affected by internal political currents or limited by knowledge about possible technical challenges in the system, put things into perspective for the stakeholders.

The results of the expert evaluation were disseminated in a PowerPoint-report containing findings and recommendations in a combination with screenshots from the prototype with proposals for changes. The report was presented at a meeting with the project group at Rejseplanen A/S, where it worked as a frame for discussion of the further process of the project.

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