What We Do At SnitkerGroup

We recruit users for all kinds of studies


The value and validity of your study is heavily dependent on the fact that the participants fit your user profiles. SnitkerGroup can find the right users for your study – both in Denmark and abroad.

SnitkerGroup has internal recruiting department with in-house database access as well as access to several external networks. We have years of experience screening users and have a low percentage of participants no-shows. If there are any cancelations, we do everything in our power to allocate the time to a second participant within the timeframe as fast as possible.

Recruiting is both:

  • Communicating the study to the participants
  • Screening users
  • Prepare users
  • Ensure the users arrive at the right time
  • Create a trusting relationships with users

The cost of recruiting a test participant is between 1000 and 2000 DDK depending on the accessibility of the user.

At the moment we are recruiting for companies in the IT industry, companies in the financial sector, a leading company in the pharmaceutical industry and public institutions as well as several large and small agencies. In the last year we recruited more than 1500 participants for different studies all over Denmark and abroad.

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