Public service usability

Public Sector

The Copenhagen City Hall, one of the pillars of the Danish Public Sector.

Organisations in the public sector in Denmark are constantly innovating to deliver the most service at the lowest costs and at the highest quality.

Usability plays a major part in this quest. SnitkerGroup has in-depth experience from assisting all kinds of organisations and authorities in the public sector.

We have created the most pertinent and memorable personas in Denmark; the personas for, (or as it is called in English). They were launched in April 2007, but as still going strong, serving as a strategic and practical tool for aligning the work of over 50 authorities who all publish their forms on

Another major personas landmark in Denmark are the personas that we launched in the summer of 2012. (and it’s English language sister works as a centre-piece for all citizen-facing communication from all areas of Danish public service, and with a special focus on online self-service. From drivers licences to marriages. personas

Here are the personas from

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