Post Danmark

Optimization of online application flow
Post Danmark’s HR department wished for a user test of how the users experienced a new application procedure on It is possible on the website to search for posted jobs within different areas at Post Danmark and one can specify where in Denmark one would like to work. SnitkerGroup was contacted to receive their proposal for how the task might be solved.

SnitkerGroup started out by performing six usability tests with a selected part of the target group; applicants, who wanted to apply for a position as a postman. Usability tests performed by the think aloud method are functioning appropriately, when one wants to observe how the users navigate and solves their tasks on a user interface.

The users were asked to find a specific job post on, and they were asked to fill out the form and apply for the job. Furthermore the user was asked to create a “Jobagent” on the website as well. The focus of the six user tests was to investigate how the users experienced the overall application flow.

The user tests were conducted on a prototype, which made sense since in that way there was time to correct and adjust before the new application flow was definitively launched.

Subsequently Post Danmark wished to put all focus on the optimization of a certain function on the job part of; Jobagenten (The Job Agent). Jobagenten functions as a service, where Post Danmark will contact you whenever there are available jobs that matches the competencies you as an applicant has developed. SnitkerGroup subsequently conducted four short usability tests, where the user was to create a Jobagent at Post Danmark.

Both rounds of user tests were observed by involved from Post Danmark and their system supplier through a one-way mirror at SnitkerGroup.

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