Personas and Scenarios personas

Personas from the project

Personas are descriptions of fictitious users.
When Personas are combined with Scenarios they serve as a powerful tool that streamlines all accessible knowledge about the users into one highly actionable product.

Personas are tools that companies use in developing a deeper understanding of different user types. Scenarios, on the other hand, illustrates or tells the story about the Personas in a given situation. This is done in the context of the development or design of a product or service. Scenarios are typically based on a product’s pre-defined goals and functions. By creating a persona for a product and placing that persona in the context of a scenario using the product gives an organization more information about the fit between the service/product and the intended user’s needs. Thus, personas can help you to determine if you strategy is on track.

Personas allow us:

- To transfer knowledge about the users to the developers, programmers, designers, software developers and communications staff.
- To collect insight into how a user will used the product or service.
- To take the user into careful consideration and understand what a user needs and wants in a product or service.

Here at SnitkerGroup we work with Dr. Lene Nielsen ’10 steps towards personas’ in developing personas for our clients. Dr. Nielsen procedural approach, in the development of personas, creates an linkage that anchors the final persona to an organization’s strategy. The developed personas are collected into a database that connects the descriptive data to other representative data, creating the idea persona. The process ensures that everyone can follow and understand the importance of using personas, and how personas can reveal useful information during the project development stages.

You can read more about Personas at Lene Nielsen’s website.

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