Our Work

We conduct more than 100 user research/usability projects and recruit more than 1.500 respondents every year, so our experience adds up over the years.
So does our ability to guide our clients!

Our work is very diverse in terms of platforms and methods. One thing is in common for all the projects; the end-user’s experience is in the focus.
We work on mobile phones, websites, apps, interactive TV, mobile devices, signage and way finding, medical devices, vending machines and practically anything that requires a real human being to work. And the other way around as well; call on us to study any device or system that requires people to interact.

We work seamlessly over borders, covering Scandinavian from our office in the centre of Copenhagen, 30 minutes train ride from Malmø in Sweden.
Our clients benefit from our partnership with more than 25 companies in the UX Alliance, allowing us access to best user researchers around the globe.

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