Usability Class 14th-15th of March

Hello Everyone and welcome to our little internet corner! We are having another Usability Class course on the 14th and 15th of March. Classes will be from 9 to 1530(ish) This course is for those that have a basic knowledge or no knowledge ot usability. The course is divided into 4 modules: 1. Usability Intro […]

How to name your files

Houston, we have a problem…. Have you ever find yourself looking for that presentation you did a few months ago? Yes, that one with the great images and full of keywords. The one that got you that job… Or have you started at a new job and you need to find some files for a […]

Usability Day, Sigchi, UX Forum and

Busy day at SnitkerGroup. was launched and celebration of World Usability Day at ITU with our friends from SIGCHI.DK.

Blood Pressure Monitor Evaluation – World Usability Day

Today is the World Usability Day Blood pressure monitor review – UX Alliance As part of the UX Alliance we took part on a review of Smart Blood Pressure Monitors. The review was conducted by the 25 members of the UX Alliance in 5 continents. You can read more about the Study on the UX […]

What is usability

What is Usability? that is something I get asked all the time after I tell people what I do for a living. Then I find myself explaining what Usability is. It happens all the time, and it is not getting any easier. Usability, while not a new concept it is still something unknown. I can think of […]

UX Masterclass Madrid

Spring is finally here, and the hottest event of the season is upon us: UX Masterclass Madrid. Our friends at Xperience Consulting are hosting the UX Masterclass next friday in Madrid. Of course we will be there, talking to everyone, making friends and enjoying Spanish food! I (Lucas) will be reporting from there, and will […]

World Usability Day 2012

Have a Happy World Usability Day 2012 Everyone! As part of the World Usability Day 2012, the UX Alliance released its International eBanking Benchmark Study. Based on it, we have compiled the 10 key takeaways that we think every bank should have on their website. Watch the presentation and examples from banks all over the […]

Denmark and the Danes – UX Masterclass 2012 Moscow Presentation

What Russians should think when designing for Danes from SnitkerGroup Thomas made this little presentation about how danes are compared to russians and they should think when designing for Danes for the 2012 UX Masterclass in Moscow

Book review: Communicating Design, by Dan M. Brown

This book is a great reference book for professionals and those new to the User Experience World. Here we are talking about the chapter dedicated to Personas

Personas Infographic

This infographic was made to give you an easy visual overview on personas. It is divided in three sections. The first section shows what personas are, why should you used them and some useful insights about them. The second section tells you what to include and possible challenges that might occur when designing personas. The […]