Testing of mobile phones
Helle Petersen, usability specialist at Nokia: “SnitkerGroup are incredibly knowledgeable and efficient usability experts.

Their precise recruitment and matching profiles are beyond the usual.

Results: “The test results made us very comfortable with the decisions we made.”

Testing of websites and applications,,,

Darin Marshal, User Experience Architect at Nokia: “SnitkerGroup have large international experience. They are easy to work with and produce fast results, which are set at a reasonable price.

He adds further: “The process was very straight forward. SnitkerGroup listened to our needs, developed a proposal for test tasks and execution, which made sure we were able to move forward in the process quickly. When the tests had been conducted we received a detailed report including findings and proposals for improvements plus a review of the results so that we could easily use the results in our concept.

Lately SnitkerGroup has helped us gaining a better understanding of usability improvements, which are to support our developers of mobile applications, who wish to sell their products through Nokia’s app store.

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