Frederiksberg Kommune (Frederiksberg Municipality)

User test releases development time
Frederiksberg Kommune launched their new website The website is the result of an ambitious strategy to use digital media innovatively for providing citizens with the best service possible. This is why great emphasis has been put on user involvement. Therefore SnitkerGroup has continuously been testing throughout the development phase.
Frederiksberg Kommune is an absolute pioneer municipality in relation to digital citizen service. The development of is no exception – the website has subsequently received many positive comments for the level of usability from both citizens and other municipalities.
Web coordinator Rune Mejlvang tells about the focus of the product

“It was very important for us to test and see if the citizens were actually happy about the choices we had made – because this is supposed to be a citizen tool and not a municipality tool.”

The large challenge when developing for municipalities is the wideness of the target group. The website is both going to address citizens and businesses and their very different needs. In addition to this Rune Mejlvang also points out that during the development phase one has tried to focus on the task the user is to solve and apply the navigation in regards to the task instead of trying to enforce one similar navigation throughout the entire website.
SnitkerGroup contributed with focus groups during the analysis phase, think aloud tests of prototypes in the development phase and concluding think aloud tests before launch. The ongoing tests have been part of securing the quality of the basis for decision, and having the project validated externally has had great value for the development department.
Concerning the project the tests have had great value as well. Rune Mejlvang says:

“Some of the things that were clarified in our initial focus group resulted in us having released a fourth of our development time. There has been an internal understanding that here was something that saved us money and provided us with the resources to do the right thing.”


Frederiksberg Kommune has 92.000 inhabitants in only nearly 9 square kilometers. There are 7.000 employees in the municipality of which 800 work at the city hall. The responsibility for lies with the municipality’s Digital Administration from where the municipality’s digitalization effort is controlled.      

Working on the website is highly prioritized. The goal is for the website to be interesting, available and easy to use. And it should make it easier to be a citizen in Frederiksberg Kommune.

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