Expert Usability Evaluations

Expert Review

Expert Review

Questionnaire Surveys

Our data collection is gather from online and offline surveys. The collected information allows us to study user behavior, attitudes and trends.

Expert Evaluations

Expert Evaluations (also known as heuristic evaluations) is one of the most effective inspection methods to optimize the products and services according to established standards, principles and guidelines that define best practices. Application of Conventions is adopted well in many cases to ensure a more equal access to products and services by supporting factors like familiarity, predictability, consistency and clarity.

Cognitive Walkthroughs

Cognitive walkthroughs is a method used to highlight barriers in the processes and flow of the user experience. It focuses primarily on identifying and evaluating sequences, system actions and outputs that exist in connection with user interaction. It aims to make the solution of tasks intuitive and easy. The method can be used when evaluating existing systems as well as when evaluating prototypes earlier in the design stage.

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