User study as conversion optimization
In Germany Conrad is known for being a large hypermarket with electronics, which can be described as a geek’s paradise. Here only your imagination puts a limit to the development of electronic devices. This showed in the beginning of 2013 when SnitkerGroup performed user studies of the large web shop with a selection of no less than 50.000 items. Here the challenge especially lies in securing the user’s navigation between all these items towards the desired product.

Conrad operates within a demanding market where clients possess great expertize in products and select their dealer based on who has the best price, service, and visibility. In this case SnitkerGroup had the specific purpose of improving the conversion of the web shop where the page’s guests are to turn into customers with as few clicks as possible.

The project was conducted using a combination of two different testing methods. SnitkerGroup performed four moderated studies through dialogue between test person and test moderator. The results from these tests lead to new questions that formed a basis for five shorter studies, which the users performed independently in their own home. These tests were developed in cooperation with the company

The results of the studies ended up in a complied report for Conrad who shortly after implemented a large part of the changes on their site.

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