Aarhus Kommune (Aarhus Municipality)

Continuous user test secures usability
Throughout the development and implementation phase SnitkerGroup has continuously conducted user tests of the website. First as a prototype and later the final SiteCore solution.
A municipality like Aarhus Kommune has special commitments and accounts to take, as they are to service a wide range of the Danish population as users of their website. The concept of the digital administration creates an expectation and need from the citizens to – when they have time and desire – be able to service themselves: medical change, Health Insurance Card and relocation are no longer actions that are geographically and temporally bound. The digital municipality is open 24 hours a day. That naturally puts on great demands for the solution the municipalities choose. It must be able to handle inquiries from many different citizens. Aarhus Kommune wanted to be completely sure that the upcoming user groups in and surrounding Aarhus Kommune would be able to use the website.
Instead of focusing all resources on a single thorough user test of a finished website, Aarhus Kommune has chosen to continuously having elements tested by the upcoming users. This made it possible for the involved departments in the municipality to work in parallel to produce content and implement it without depending on other departments’ internal schedules. As the different main input and their subpages were reported ready by the editors, SnitkerGroup performed short and focused user tests focusing especially on the input, its users and special challenges.
Communications consultant Lotte Kofoed, the mayors department, Communications says: “It has been very rewarding for us to meet the users attitudes on different stages in the process. The tests have given us clear answers to what the users think have value for both content and design.”

Aarhus Kommune includes the city of Aarhus and a range of greater and smaller surrounding satellite towns. Inhabitants wise the city of Aarhus is the second largest of the country, only surpassed by Københavns Kommune. The municipality has since the local government reform in 2007 been a part of Region Midtjylland.
Aarhus commune is the municipality, which in the past years has experienced the greatest growth in population. On August 28th 2008 the municipality received its inhabitant number 300.000.
The municipality employs approximately 30.000 employees and is therefore the largest employer of the city and one of the country’s largest public employers.

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