World Usability Day 2012

Have a Happy World Usability Day 2012 Everyone!

As part of the World Usability Day 2012, the UX Alliance released its International eBanking Benchmark Study.

Based on it, we have compiled the 10 key takeaways that we think every bank should have on their website.

Watch the presentation and examples from banks all over the world that show some of this features:

For eBanking homepage (once the user has logged in)
  • Quick access to most frequent functions
  • Direct access to important information
  • Log in / Log out buttons are in the same place
  • Big Icons
  • Consistency between web / app / corporate identity

For the log in form:

  • Easy to locate in the page. It stands out from the other elements
  • Log in information should be at least in part, created by the user (either the ID or the password)
  • There is help in case the user forgets the password (taking into account security)
  • There is no need to use the mouse to navigate the form
  • Same information for the website and the mobile application


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