Thomas Dehn – Gamification

Thomas Dehn is an expert on games and he came today here to Snitker’s headquarters to tell us about gamification.

Check him out… He has many interesting things to say

Thomas Dehn Linkedin profile:

Has excellent interpersonal, analytical, and communicative skills.
Is a creative problem-solver. Gets a variety of ideas and often has alternative approaches to work and solutions, but thinks structurally, systematically and in executions.
Has a great interest in trying new and different things – thrive with varying tasks as well as innovation in existing solutions.
Has an extrovert, inclusive and positive personality, coupled with excellent social skills.
Has through training and work had extensive experience in presenting, being center of attention and dispersing knowledge.
Is interested in technology through humanities studies and the user, for example: user-centered design, game design, usability etc.
Has an opinion about almost everything, and would like to put it in context and discuss in order to promote better ideas and solutions.

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