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Laundry Hell

Todays post could be categorized as Editorial.
These are my personal opinions and reflections.

For some reason every time I think of UX Design I think of something related to a computer, a tablet, a phone. Websites, software or hardware. But there are a lot of other things that require a good UX Design, so I am planning on starting a series of posts about the things that I encounter everyday that bugs me,because they don’t work as I expected, and will point out simple changes that will improve the UX.

I want to tell you about my laundry machine. It is new, white, eco-friendly and it is also a dryer. The dryer part is not the best, but it get’s half of the job done.
But there is one thing about this machine that it is driving me nuts: The end of the cycle warning!
Every time it finishes, a loud beep informs everyone in the building that the laundry is done. How do I know that everyone knows? because sometimes I can hear my neighbors laundry machine making that beep. The only way to stop it, is by turning off the machine. If I am not home, it will continue making this beep sound for a while.
I think it is evident that the laundry is done when there is no sound coming of the laundry machine. I don’t need the extra beep, or at least, I don’t need it every 30 seconds.
But that’s not all.
Whenever this happens, and I am home, I go straight to the machine, leaving behind what I am doing to turn off the machine. My next step is “I want to get my clothes out so I can hang them” (remember, the dryer gets only half of the job done, so why waste money and time on it?)
But no-can-do! I need to wait an unspecified amount of time before I can open the door of the machine! So, I go back to whatever I was doing before, and forget completely about the clothes on the machine (I understand there most be some safety reason for this).
These are, in my opinion the UX problems:


  1. Loud beep repetition
  2. The beep happens just after the machine is done, but not when the clothes can be taken out
  3. There is no indication of how much one has to wait before been able to open the door
My solution:
Just make it one beep, and ONLY when the doors can be opened! That will safe me a trip to the laundry room (it is actually in the bathroom). And maybe, what not making the sound less annoying?
Something like this will make the laundry day less annoying, and the whole process less painful. Now, think that we are 3 people at home, so we do a lot of laundry.
Thanks for reading,
Lucas Wxyz

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