Hello everyone, This week we have collected a few articles and blogs about heuristics that can be of good help to all of you.

To start, a review of the by now classic “top 10 list of usability heuristics” by Jakob Nielsen
A great article about the origin of the heuristics rules from UX Magazine
From Smashing magazine we got “A guide to Heuristic Website Review
Jordi Sanchez, from UX Magazine writes an interesting article, based on the research of Susan Weinschenk about the psychology’s view of UX. He turned into a checklist of heuristic principles.
And a good checklist of Heuristic Guidelines from Falguni Shah.
Another long in depth checklist by Denise Pierotti from XEROX, and my personal favorite, an amazing spreadsheet to do an in-depth heuristic test. Pretty much all you need in one place!
And to finish todays roundup, with almost the same content that we started today, Theresa Neil posted a more “designed” presentation of Jakob Nielsen’s Top 10 List (can’t help picture him “a la Letterman” saying “and tonight’s Heuruistics top 10 list…”)
Happy Winter Everybody!

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