2011 Roundup

Hello Everyone!

Happy new year! And to have a good start, here are some links to keep you busy.

Good tips for newbies to the world of usability, from UX matters.
An easy read full of interesting and helpful comments and career advice.

From Smashing Magazine we get a reminder “Stop designing pages and start designing flows
How the users gets to the page, from where, and what do they do once they are there.

and to finish for now, a few compilations of “best of 2011″ articles,

Starting with “Measuring Usability”: 2011′s top 10

Followed by UX Movement’s 10 most read articles of the year

And last but not least, the guys from Usabilia share their best post of 2011.

And in some unrelated news, Microsoft says goodbye to IE6 with a countdown and even a cake!

Wishing all of you in the north part of the planet a happy winter, and for those in the south, a happy summer,

The Snitker Group

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